8. 3. 2023

Complex treatment of obese patients in VFN

Obesity among the population in the Czech Republic is constantly increasing! People who weigh 200 kilos or more regularly come to the specialists at the General University Hospital in Prague.


Many severely obese people live in constant fear that if something happens to them, they will not receive the medical care they need in time. When they get sick, the hospital will not be equipped for their "heavy weight". At the same time, it is precisely these people who are at risk of dying suddenly.
The General University Hospital was the first medical facility in the Czech Republic to participate in the project
Center XXL with the statute of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic. Complex multidisciplinary care helps doctors to achieve successful treatment. "Medical, nutritional and psychological diagnosis is key to improving the patient's condition, as well as the subsequent choice of procedures and their timing,"says Prof. MD Martin Matoulek, Ph.D., head physician of the XXL Center III. internal clinics of the VFN and the 1st Faculty of Medicine of the UK.

A patient with obesity often suffers from a number of associated diseases, whether it is type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, abnormally high levels of fat in the blood, and the like, which need to be taken into account when setting up a diet regimen. In the whole process of significant weight reduction, long-term cooperation with a psychologist is often necessary. One of the solutions to morbid obesity and comorbidities associated with it are bariatric methods, which are perceived not only by the lay public as a last resort. "We prefer simpler restrictive procedures mostly in younger patients with a lower degree of obesity and without associated serious diseases. Elderly patients with metabolic syndrome and other serious diseases are more likely to be indicated for more demanding combined procedures", states MUDr. Robert Hvižď, doctor from the 1st surgical clinic of the VFN and the 1st Faculty of Medicine, UK.

More information can be found in press release.

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