1. 2. 2023

Doctors at the VFN save endangered mothers

They are united by the same disease, the insidiousness of which lies in the speed with which it manifests itself clinically, mostly from full health, without warning symptoms, and very often fully develops only after childbirth. It is not one of the frequent pathologies of pregnancy, therefore many gynecologists and obstetricians may not encounter it at all in their professional life. The problem is that if the right treatment is not chosen quickly, the patients may not survive. The mortality rate of the disease is 80 percent. At VFN, they identified the possible cause of the disease and found a solution. They want to pass on their experience to colleagues throughout the Czech Republic.

The broader name Thrombotic microangiopathy is used for this serious disease. If a woman with the disease is not treated, the mortality rate reaches 80 percent. Only recently has the disease been better described, the treatment has changed significantly, and thanks to this the chances of giving birth have significantly increased, not only for survival. "Treatment mainly consists in the administration of high doses of blood plasma, which ultimately leads to a change in this liquid component of the blood. The procedure is called plasmapheresis. Another part of care is hemodialysis, i.e. the support of kidney function or the administration of biological treatment, which is targeted at blocking the inadequately responding innate immunity of a woman." prof. MD Romana Ryšavá, CSc., head physician of the Clinic of Nephrology VFN and the 1st Faculty of Medicine, UK.

More information can be found in press release.


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