24. 1. 2022

Our lung clinic has a new head

Do you consider the appointment as a commitment, a challenge or rather a joy? 
I have the daily joy of work, less joy of office and little reluctance to argue about badly relevant things. The new function so far brings less work and more to the rest, but I hope that will soon change with the involvement of the new mayor.

What would you like to change, improve or what works in the clinic in the future and do you definitely want to keep it? What are your plans and visions? 
I would like to see the lung clinic in close organizational, local and technological well connected with the clinic of acute medicine, cardiology and well-equipped functional, laboratory and imaging diagnostic facilities. The clinic has a great staff in medical and non-medical positions, I would not like to change that. The expansion of the endoscopic unit of the clinic would be another logical step in the development, as this is the section whose work is now in greatest demand.

How do you see your clinic in 10 years? 
In ten years, it will be such that the most erudite and motivated people work in it and satisfied clients come out of it.

Doc. MUDr. Jiří Votruba, Ph.D., is a pulmonary specialist and internist. He graduated from the 1st Faculty of Medicine at Charles University. During his career, he worked at Canadian Medical Care and Na Homolce Hospital, among others. From 2012 he worked as the head of the 1st Department of Tuberculosis and Respiratory Diseases of the General Hospital and the 1st Medical Faculty of Charles University, and from January 3, 2022 he took over the position of head. He specializes in the treatment of respiratory diseases, diagnosis and treatment of cough and smoking cessation. He specializes in diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopic pulmonary procedures, such as endoscopic volume reduction, bronchial thermoplastics, pleuroscopy, stenting techniques, coiling. He is a member of Czech and international professional societies, and annually actively participates in international events and scientific symposia.
He is a mountain lover, when his work duties allow him, he likes to go to distant destinations, such as Nepal, he traveled to Patagonia last year. He enjoys good food, is interested in new technologies and spends his free time in kickboxing.

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