28. 6. 2023

Colon and rectal cancer prevention

Colon cancer is primarily a toll for an unhealthy lifestyle and is the 3rd most common type of cancer in the Czech Republic for both men and women. The disease is detected in up to 8,500 people in our country every year, and in more than a third it is caught late.

Did you know that the Czech Republic is at the top of the list of colon and rectal cancer incidence in the world? Did you know that colon and rectal cancer is 90 percent curable if detected at an early stage? And do you know that you are entitled to a preventive examination? Health insurance companies pay for general screening, but only 35 percent of people over 50 years of age, for whom it is intended, take part in it.

The key to change is a healthy lifestyle, prevention and early examination!

Over 90 percent of cases occur in people over 50 years of age, colon cancer is more common in women, and rectal cancer in men. Intestinal polyps, growths, and family history of this type of cancer increase the risk. Smokers have more than twice the risk of the disease than non-smokers. Obesity increases the risk more in men. A lot of fat and red meat in the diet, as well as a lack of calcium, vitamin E and D, selenium and magnesium in the diet, have an adverse effect. Patients with inflammatory bowel disease also have a higher risk, for example in Crohn's disease it is twice as high.

What do the experts advise?

Recognize your level of risk and heal your lifestyle. The key is to eat healthily, i.e. cut back on fat and red meat, eat more vegetables, fruit and fiber. It is important not to smoke, drink alcohol only in moderation and move more. It is sport that reduces the risk by up to 60 percent.


It is done using test for occult (hidden) stool bleeding (so-called TOKS) or colonoscopy (examination of the rectum and colon with a camera device). Examination colon and rectum its free! 

– up to 50 years: TOKS or colonoscopy in case of problems

– 50-54 years: 1x a year TOKS or Colonoscopy once every 10 years

– over 55 years: 1x every 2 years TOKS or Colonoscopy once every 10 years

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