22. 6. 2021

Revolutionary change of diet in hospitals

The General University Hospital in Prague (VFN) has become a pilot workplace where, according to the new Methodological Recommendation of the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic, meals that meet the current requirements of the World Health Organization (WHO) are modern, tasty, interesting, healthy and economically affordable. At the same time, patients who suffer from anorexia, are malnourished or prefer the classic Czech diet are not forgotten. The most important thing for these patients is to eat as much of their portion as possible, to encourage their appetite and not to deepen the malnutrition.

Diets for patients who cooked in the Czech Republic until 2020 were based on the diet system from 1955! Each hospital was developing its own dietary system to meet the needs of each facility, and it was very important how the leading nutritional therapist and inpatient dietitian were interested in the world's nutrition innovations. The current recommendations, formulated on the basis of scientific knowledge about nutrition in health and disease, have changed fundamentally in more than half a century. "I am glad that we can give patients a tasty, healthy and also nutritionally balanced diet, which has not been a standard of care in history, but thanks to an expert expert working group I set up at the Ministry of Health and a new methodological recommendation, we were able to change that. . Diet is an important part of patient satisfaction and subsequent recovery. ” added by the Minister of Health of the Czech Republic Mgr. and Mgr. Adam Vojtech, MHA.

For more information, see press release.

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