15. 7. 2020

We have launched a new website of VFN hospital pharmacies!

As much information as possible in one place. Clearly and concisely. The new website offers a number of important information to the general public in a user-friendly environment.

Modern and clear website design lekarna.vfn.cz visitors from the ranks of patients and healthcare professionals will be introduced to the wide range of services and services available to them in the hospital pharmacies of the General Hospital. Clients in pharmacies will find a wide range of prescription drugs, tailor-made drugs, they can also apply for individual special imports of less available or unregistered products in the Czech Republic. Of course, the preparation of common and technologically demanding dosage forms, the sale of medical devices, over-the-counter products, medical cosmetics and food supplements.

Visitors to pharmacies will also learn from the website how to take advantage of a free, yet highly professional, consulting activity when trying to quit smoking, lose weight or take more medication.

The Self-treatment section clearly provides the most important principles and treatment options for the most common diseases such as colds, pain, indigestion or allergies.

There are also news, interesting facts and special leaflets of pharmacies.

Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site!