16. 12. 2020

You better spend the holidays without a glass

Christmas is stressful even in "good times". All the more so in the stressful time of the covid. What will they be like and how not to succumb to addictions?

"The 2020 Christmas holidays will be much different. COVID has affected the whole society, so this year's end will be marked not only by the standard balance, but rather by balancing the impact of both waves of the pandemic and the tension of what to expect with the other waves., "Considers prof. Michal Miovský, Head of the Department of Addictology, General Hospital and First Medical Faculty, Charles University. Most Czech households will look for solutions to overcome the effects. The tense atmosphere will be in many families. The economic and social insecurity associated with the many-month "submarine" of the fact that the whole family had to stay at home at once, without a job, with home learning, is not surprising. Where there was a "problem" before COVID, it often started and swayed during both waves. Households with small children received a heavy impact. The largest are those households where the income is lower and where one or the other parent (or both) had some problems with themselves, ie mainly with alcohol abuse before. It will be there and it is already very rough. "We already have the first data and several studies. But when I look at the study of the Sirius Foundation, where we collaborated and which showed that the most exposed were young families with small children, I am very concerned about it. I think that's where the main help should go, "States prof. Miovsky.

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