14. 1. 2020

VFN offers unique glycemic sensors for diabetics

As the first workplace in the Czech Republic, the General University Hospital in Prague offers unique subcutaneous sensors that significantly improve the lives of patients with type 1 diabetes and do not restrict them in any activities. The new glycemic sensors, unlike the previous ones, change after six months, do not interfere with sports and will be appreciated by patients with allergies to patches. They constantly monitor their blood sugar levels and give the person a chance to react to the potential danger in a timely manner using both their mobile and alarm. Since 1 December 2019, the sensors have been fully covered by insurance companies.

We encourage all those interested in new sensors to discuss their medical condition first with the attending diabetologist, who will assess whether this new type of sensor is suitable for them and whether they meet the criteria of the insurance company for its deployment. For the time being, this type of sensor cannot be used in children or patients with type 2 diabetes. Your diabetologist should also inform you about other types of glucose sensors that are already commercially available and may be a good alternative for you.

Currently, the capacity to introduce sensors in VFN is occupied for many months. However, we expect that in the second half of this year, other workplaces throughout the Czech Republic will be gradually trained, making implantable sensors more accessible to a wider group of patients.

For any additional questions, please use the following e-mail address: glucozovesenzory@vfn.cz.

Learn more at press release.

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