Business Section

Trade unions and departments

Purchasing Department

U Nemocnice 499/2, 128 08 Prague 2, building A5 - headquarters
Phone: +420 224 963 081

Head of Purchasing Department: Mgr. Blanka Uhde, phone: +420 603 524 543

The main activities of the Purchasing Department are:

  • providing supplies of medical supplies, lab chemicals and MTZ
  • management of supplier relations and preparation of documents for public contracts in the above mentioned areas

The purchasing department consists of the following departments:

  • Medical Supplies Purchasing Department (head of department: Adriana Kučera, tel .: +420 224 962 507)
  • Department of Labchemicals (head of department: František Forst, tel .: +420 224 963 262)
  • MTZ Department (head of department: Michala Kavale, tel .: +420 224 963 391)

Public Procurement Department

Head of the Public Procurement Department: M.Sc. Monika Travničková
tel.: +420 224 962 740

Department of Medical Technology (OZT)

U Nemocnice 499/2, 128 08 Prague 2, building A9, 1st floor
phone: +420 224 969 396

Head of OZT: Pavla Kodatová
phone: +420 737 216 149

OZT Secretariat: Jana Špuláková
phone:: +420 224 969 396, +420 602 204 611

The Department of Medical Technology consists of the following workplaces:

  • ZT purchasing department (head of department: Vendula Chalupová, phone: +420 224 969 386)
  • ZT service department (head of department: Ing. Jan Koudelka, tel .: +420 224 962 138)
  • Department of Metrology (head of department: Ing. Jiří Pařík, tel .: +420 224 964 119)

Main activities of the ZT Purchasing Department and the ZT Service Department:

  • they provide acquisition medical equipment and spare parts throughout the VFN
  • creates documents for public procurement
  • they lead evidence ZT and their costs, records of service, loan and gift contracts of ZT, record safety notices, declarations of conformity, etc.
  • mediate the installation and commissioning of HVAC
  • they provide contractually service ZT, keep records of service companies, costs
  • monitor the profitability of repairs, draw up recovery plans and investments in medical technology
  • keep data of repeated activities and related inspections - BTK, etc.
  • process overviews and evaluations of VFN equipment with medical technology for statistical purposes

Main activities of the Department of Metrology:

  • The Metrological Center of the VFN is a specialist laboratory, which for the VFN as well as external entities provides calibration and verification of meters (temperature, pressure, weight, length, time, volume)
  • The quality of the laboratory's activities is verified by CMI, ÚNMZ, ČIA certificates

To communicate with OZT, contact the department secretariat.

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