Technical and operational Section

Workplace characteristics

The department coordinates operational, technical, investment, administrative and other activities necessary for the operation of the hospital.

  • Provides patient transportation, food delivery, medicines and workplace supply
  • ensures the technical operation of buildings in the management of VFN, operation and renewal of technological equipment, distribution of media and energy,
  • manages the activities of supplier companies (cleaning, waste collection, orientation signs), manages individual areas including maintenance of greenery and roads,
  • provides all activities in the period from the start of the preparation of the investment project to the completion of the implementation of the action, including the inclusion of the construction in the HIM and possible billing of the state-subsidized subsidy
  • manages waste management in accordance with applicable legislation,
  • ensures the production and dispatch of medical nutrition for patients dispensing and preparing lunches as part of catering for hospital staff
  • ensures the operation of heat management.
U Nemocnice 499/2, 128 08 Prague 2, building A9
+420 224 963 201 | +420 224 963 202
Mgr. Pavel Scholz, Ph.D.
Temporarily in charge of the section
+420 224 963 202
Vladimíra Chábová
Assistant Deputy
+420 224 963 202
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