Department of Informatics and Digital Transformation

Trade unions and departments

Compliance check

It manages the implementation of standards and standards in the IT department processes. It checks and ensures their compliance. It is a contact point for solving issues related to information technology processes and standards.

ICT Purchasing Department

It provides all activities related to the purchase of hardware, software, implementation and maintenance services. It prepares public procurement processes.

SW Development and Administration Department

Provides development and management of applications in on-premise and in a cloud environment for VFN workplaces. Creates educational applications, including instructions and materials for running solutions. 

Project Management Department

It provides standard project management for all processes and implementations in the IT department. It manages and implements project management rules for emerging organizational units, provides methodological management to the management of the Informatics Department.

ICT Administration Department

It manages and develops hospital infrastructure in Azure and on-premise. It implements safety and high availability requirements according to standards and legislative requirements.

User Support Department

It provides a complete spectrum of user support in the field of information technology, implements security measures, and collaborates on user education.

Information Security Department

Based on standards, safety and legislative requirements, it prepares the implementation of measures and implementation of standards. It monitors on-premise and online VFN infrastructure, solves security incidents, including follow-up. It participates in education of users in the area of information security, especially in connection with GDPR and ZKB.

Data Analysis and Processing Department

It processes data from data sources into analytical overviews for monitoring efficiency, economic indicators and other criteria. Manages the data warehouse and its resources.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Department

It plans, develops and manages the implementation of production solutions in VFN environments based on machine learning, artificial intelligence and IoT.

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