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Mental Health Care of Children Born Preterm

Code: ZD-ZDOVA1-016
Status: In progress

Mental Health Care of Children Born Preterm

Project Start Date: 1. 3. 2021
Date of Project Implementation Completion: 31. 1. 2024
Budget: 7,058,240 CZK
Project Investigator: Department of Pediatrics and Inherited Metabolic Disorders
Project Registration No: ZD-ZDOVA1-016

Brief content of the project:

Children born preterm represent a group at risque for the possible mental development disease and neuropsychological abnormalities. Some of the mental disorders occur in children born prematurely up to 4 times more often compared to children born at term. The incidence of psychiatric disorders in these children requires close attention. The reason is the fact that most abnormalities are not apparent at an early age. They often manifest themselves later, with child development and growth. Their occurrence can be caused by increasing demand placed on them by school attendance and social life. Early detection of these abnormalities, their elimination or alleviation of symptoms and following early intervention are crucial steps in the follow-up care. The main goal is to mitigate the adverse effects of these disorders not only on the child but also on their family life.

The project investigates the incidence and dynamics of mental disorders and symptoms and neuropsychological abnormalities at these risk preterm populations, focusing on very low (below 1500g) and extremely low birth weight (below 1000g) infants. The project is coming out from the recent research and from the previous authors work dealing with the prevalence of autism spectrum disorders in this group of children.

The results will be presented to the laic population and professional public (i.e. paediatricians, psychologists, physiotherapists, and psychiatrists) not only by lectures on this topic. The primary item is to develop the care guidelines for the investigation and treatment of preterm children suffering from mental disease. The guidelines will involve practical recommendations to first-line professionals for this specific care of these ex-preterm infants. Specific interest will be provided at the time when specialised and counselling centres no more follow these children.

Project is not implemented in partnership with any institutions from donor states.
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