26. 10. 2021

Occupational therapy is the way to self-sufficiency

Are you interested in what techniques occupational therapists use in their work and to whom is their help intended? Then you have a unique opportunity to learn more about their work on the occasion of World Occupational Therapy Day, which falls on Wednesday 27 October. All you have to do is visit the tent at the main gatehouse of the General Hospital between 10 am and 2 pm, where our occupational therapists will introduce you to their field. Their goal is to introduce you to this important medical field that helps patients after a sudden stroke, upper limb injuries and other serious health problems to return to self-sufficiency. Occupational therapists work in rehabilitation teams at individual clinics and their goal is to support the movement and function of the patient's upper limbs through specific procedures and techniques, and at the same time to develop and train their cognitive functions. As part of occupational therapy, it can be, for example, practicing moving around the room, dressing, eating or improving memory, speech… The cooperation of occupational therapists with the patient's family during subsequent home care is also very important. You will be surprised by the number of clever aids that will make life easier for the sick and their families. Do not miss the opportunity and visit our occupational therapists at VFN!

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