13. 9. 2022

Management course in healthcare

Do you hold a leading position, will you be newly appointed to a leading position, do you want to deepen your managerial competencies and strengthen your skills for the effective development of your professional field and the development of your personality as a manager?

It is certified for you Management and leadership course in a medical facility determined. We offer the last vacancies for non-medical health professionals.

In a course accredited by the Ministry of Health, you will find out how you can simplify your work and increase the performance and productivity of the entire workplace.

The course starts on October 18, 2022. You can find more information about the course, including the application form HERE.

Main topics of the course:

  • modern management in medical facilities and workplaces,
  • human resource management strategy,
  • leadership – influencing through motivation, communication and leadership,
  • personnel management in the role of manager.

The graduate of our course is able to:

  • apply knowledge of leadership, financial management and effective development of human resources of the organization,
  • introduce a system of evaluation of the quality and safety of health care and its continuous improvement in the workplace,
  • organize and manage patient care in connection with health and social care, create optimal conditions for quality and effective work of your team,
  • efficiently spend financial and material resources, perform cost-benefit analysis, determine the workplace budget and evaluate investment needs,
  • to design goals, strategies and policy of the organization, to perform activities related to the management and organization of the medical workplace,
  • orient themselves in the legislative framework of their profession.
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