27. 1. 2020

Invitation to certified courses and seminars

Take advantage of our offer of interactive or certified courses and seminars that we have prepared for you:

Interactive course of developmental care of newborns
More information here.

Patient care before, during and after radiation therapy
More information here.

Taking care of a patient treated with assisted peritoneal dialysis
More information here.

Basics of ECG and Acute Cardiology for Nurses, Intensive Care Midwives and Paramedics
More information here.

  • 25. 1. 2023
    In the theoretical part of the workshop, doctors will get to know the "up-to-date" changes in international recommendations in the care of vascular accesses, with methods of value ...
  • 12. 1. 2023
    The bachelor's degree program in General Nursing enables graduates to work in all types of healthcare facilities, including highly specialized ...
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