23. 8. 2021

Join the study of onychomycosis treatment!

Do you suffer from mold on your toenails? Participate in a clinical study for the treatment of onychomycosis, which is underway at the Dermatovenerological Clinic of the General Hospital.

Applicants who have mycosis on their nails may enter the clinical study, which will last approximately one year toes affecting 25-60% areas of the nail (possibly in combination with other nails), they did not use any local antifungals for at least a month and no systemic antifungals for one year. At the same time, he does not suffer from diabetes mellitus.

Participation in the study will assume regular personal visits to dermatology at a frequency of approximately once a month. The patient will be paid CZK 1,200 (travel expenses) at each visit.

The clinical study takes place at the Dermatovenerological Clinic of the General Hospital - at the workplace at the Faculty Polyclinic on Charles Square.

Patient recruitment has been extended by 1 year (until the end of July 2022)!


Laboratory assistant dept. Mycology Dermatovenerological Clinics: Kateřina Sedláková,
tel. 224 966 733

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