31. 5. 2023

Smoking is a disease! We will help you quit!

Are you one of the two million smokers in the Czech Republic and would you like to quit smoking? Think about your health and stop, for example, today on World No Tobacco Day. 

On Wednesday, May 31, we commemorate World No Tobacco Day. The World Health Organization (WHO) has linked this year's global campaign with the theme "We need food, not tobacco" - We need food, not tobacco. Land used for growing tobacco is missing for growing key foodstuffs. "Tobacco addiction is a disease diagnosed with F17, which refers to mental disorders and behavioral disorders due to tobacco use. So it's not just a bad habit that everyone refers to," says prof. MD Eva Králíková, head of the Center for Tobacco Addicts, III. Internal clinics - endocrinology and metabolism clinics of the VFN and the 1st Faculty of Medicine of the UK. "There is an effective treatment for this disease covered by health insurance and there needs to be more awareness of its availability," points out prof. Rabbit.

Two million smokers live in the Czech Republic. Smoking causes 20% of all cancers and smokers also die from cardiovascular diseases or COPD. Smoking damages the immune and endocrine system, reproductive organs, causes diseases of the digestive tract, increases the frequency of allergies, damages eyesight, promotes inflammatory processes and increases oxidative stress. Unfortunately, it also increases the risk of developing a number of neuropsychiatric diseases – depressive and anxiety disorders, dementia, schizophrenia and others. Experts also warn smokers about another consequence in the form of a lack of vitamin D. All of this can be avoided!

Quitting smoking isn't easy, but with the help of experts, success rates skyrocket. With intensive treatment under the supervision of specialists, the probability of success is much higher than with unaided attempts. At the same time, this treatment is covered by health insurance, which many people still do not know.

Center for the treatment of tobacco addiction in VFN
Those interested in treatment can contact the Center for the Treatment of Tobacco Addiction at the General University Hospital. The center can be found in the building of the Faculty Polyclinic on Karlov náměstí (4th floor). Doctors here provide specialized care and an advanced individual program. INyevaluates the degree of nicotine addiction, draws up an individual treatment plan, advises on how to overcome withdrawal symptoms and also chooses a suitable pharmacological treatment, to which selected health insurance companies contribute. Those interested can make an appointment in person at the Faculty Polyclinic building or by calling 224 966 608.

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