17. 7. 2023

New pediatric urology book after 72 years!

After 72 years, pediatric urology saw the publication of a new specialist book.

The modern monograph summarizes everything important in the field, which is one of the specialties of urology and pediatric surgery. The publication provides an overview of current diagnostic and treatment procedures and will especially help pediatric urologists, pediatricians and other specialists. Current pediatric urology is characterized by less invasive diagnostic and treatment procedures and their correct selection, as well as an emphasis on care for lifelong urological diseases.

The extensive monograph Pediatric Urology, published in April 2023 by the Maxdorf Jessenius publishing house, is the work of prominent pediatric urologists doc. MD Radima Kočvary, CSc. and MD Marcel Drlík from the VFN Urology Clinic and the 1st Faculty of Medicine of the University of Prague in Prague. Dozens of other experts from a number of medical fields from the Czech Republic and abroad collaborated on the book.

"Thanks to modern diagnostic methods, especially ultrasound, it is possible to detect many congenital defects of the kidneys, urinary tract and genitals already in the prenatal period, monitor the development of these pathologies after birth and recommend a treatment procedure in time. In addition to morphological anomalies, many children suffer from functional problems that significantly reduce the quality of life, and the more serious of them can threaten the health of the individual for life," explains doc. MD I recommend Kočvar.

The long-awaited book brings the field, which has undergone significant changes in recent years, into the present. It focuses on a large group of pediatric patients from newborn to adolescent who suffer from anomalies and diseases of the urinary tract and genital system, including emergency and oncological conditions. "Experts from other specialties, such as adult urologists, pediatric surgeons, neonatologists, pediatricians, nephrologists, endocrinologists, neurologists, and imaging and preclinical specialists, also participate in solving the problems of pediatric urology patients. This is precisely why we believe that the book with rich visual documentation will be a source of valuable information for a wide professional readership", adds MUDr. Marcel Drlík.

The monograph continues the long-term tradition of the field in the Czech lands and is the successor to the book Pediatric urology by the academician prof. Jan Bedrna from 1951, which was one of the first monographs on pediatric urology in the world.

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