31. 10. 2019

Support canistherapy for patients in VFN

Visiting canistherapy teams is one of the most anticipated and happy events for hospitalized patients. Dogs, however, to enter the hospital must meet many safety rules. Their training is very costly and time consuming, they need vaccination, quality nutrition and other aids to successfully serve patients. Demand for canistherapy services is huge and therefore it is necessary to bring up puppies skilful canisterapeuticke dogs. Our hospital cooperates as part of voluntary activities with the Canistherapy Foundation. Cooperation with NF Canistherapy takes place at the clinics of Addictology, Gerontopsychiatry and the Internal Department in Strahov. In the future, we wish to extend the services to other clinics.

You too can support canistherapy! Become a partner of these meritorious activities and contribute NF Canistherapy with your financial contributions to the education and training of puppies. This will help our patients, who will be able to look forward to further dog visits during their hospitalization.

Information on how to contribute financially can be found at this link: http://www.nf-canisterapie.cz/podportenas.html

More about the Canistherapy Endowment Fund: http://www.nf-canisterapie.cz/kdojsme.html

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