31. 8. 2021

Entrance rules and parking in the VFN premises

Information for patients and their companions

1. The rules of road traffic laid down by Act No. 361/2000 Coll. Apply in the VFN premises. on road traffic.

2. Participants in road traffic on the premises of the General Hospital are also obliged to comply with the Transport and Parking Regulations set by the internal regulations of the General Hospital.

Excerpt from the internal Transport and Parking regime of the General Hospital:

  1. a) Vehicles entering the VFN premises, unless otherwise stipulated by the internal Traffic and Parking regime, are subject to parking fees. The driver is obliged to take over the parking ticket at the entrance to the hospital premises and visibly place it behind the windshield of the vehicle for the entire period of parking.
  3. b) Parking of vehicles is possible only in places marked with the traffic sign "PARKING".
  5. c) The first 30 minutes of parking on the hospital premises are not subject to a fee. A fee of CZK 50 is charged for each additional hour of parking started. The driver of the paid vehicle is obliged to pay the parking fee upon leaving the premises.
  7. d) In case of loss of the parking ticket and the driver is obliged to pay the amount of CZK 3,000.
  9. e) All drivers are obliged to respect the instructions of security staff when entering, leaving, moving and parking on the hospital premises.
  11. f) Drivers of all vehicles are obliged to limit parking on the hospital premises to the necessary time (loading and unloading of cargo, boarding and disembarking of transported persons, duration of business meetings, duration of work shift, etc.).
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