14. 8. 2020

Symptoms of sick kidneys? Shortness of breath, swelling and high blood pressure

According to doctors at the General University Hospital in Prague (VFN), up to a third of patients have poorly set up dialysis treatment. To improve the health status and prognosis of the future life of the chronically ill, at the same time specialists from Cardionephrology Center VFN, the only workplace of this type in the Czech Republic, they can with the help of a small procedure or adjustment of dialysis. A number of demanding heart surgeries can often be prevented with early diagnosis and adjustment of treatment. Typical symptoms of kidney disease are inconspicuous - swollen calves, ankles or face, high blood pressure, fatigue and shortness of breath.  

Heart disease and kidney disease are like connected vessels. Patients with chronic heart failure sooner or later develop kidney failure, and patients with kidney disease often have a heart condition. The combination of modern cardiology dealing with heart diseases and modern nephrology focused on kidney diseases succeeds in improving the quality of life of patients, applying modern treatment and tuning the organism to optimal functioning for many years.  

For more information, see press release.

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