Cardionephrology center

Workplace characteristics

Heart disease and kidney disease are like connected vessels. Most patients with heart failure sooner or later develop kidney failure, and patients with kidney disease often have a heart condition. Specifics of patients with impaired function of these organs include, for example, fluid retention in the body and the presence of hemodialysis vascular shunts. This leads to a number of hemodynamic changes, which can result in the development of dyspnea, excessive fatigue, swelling of the lower limbs and other health complications. The correct assessment of these interactions is possible only thanks to the close cooperation of both specializations.

The Cardionephrology Center of the General Hospital is so far the only workplace of this type in the Czech Republic. It works closely with other departments of the Comprehensive Cardiovascular Center of the General Hospital. Patients come for examinations from all over the country. A number of research tasks are also solved within the Center.

Examples of Cardiophrology Center services:

  • Adjustment of hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis settings.
  • Expert echocardiography focused on the evaluation of current hemodynamics.
  • Simultaneous assessment of the condition by a nephrologist and cardiologist on an outpatient basis or during diagnostic hospitalization.
  • Evaluation of hydration and setting of the so-called dry weight in dialysis patients (clinically, impedometrically and echocardiographically).
  • Percutaneous procedures on coronary arteries or dialysis vascular short circuit without the use of iodine contrast agent.
  • Choice of suitable type of dialysis approach, surgical reduction of flow by short circuit.
  • The need for pacemaker / ICD placement planning in relation to the establishment of a hemodialysis a-short circuit.
  • Indication of ultrafiltration / hemodialysis in some patients with heart failure earlier than would correspond to their glomerular filtration rate.
  • The need for early revascularization of patients scheduled for kidney transplantation.
  • Specifics of cardiac surgery (aortocoronary bypasses on the beating heart, correct choice of valve replacement, pericardial procedures).
  • Palliative care in cardiophrology.


Clinic of Nephrology

Cardiophrological examination during hospitalization, planning of invasive cardiological examinations: tel .: 224 962 690

Acute conditions in cardionephrology, introduction of temporary and long-term dialysis catheters: Department of Acute Medicine, tel .: 224 962 680

Internal department of Strahov

Chronic cardionephrological care, palliative care, problems of dialysis catheters

phone: 225 003 242

III. Internal Clinic

Expert echocardiography in cardionephrology and assessment of hemodynamic impact of flow through vascular short circuit: tel .: 224 962 949, Echolaboratoř

II. internal medicine clinic

Cardiophrology outpatient clinic: tel .: 224966230 (Faculty Polyclinic, General Hospital)

Catheterization laboratory: tel .: 224 962 606

ANDI. Department of Surgery - Department of Cardiovascular Surgery

Surgical treatment of cardiovascular diseases

Procedures on dialysis vascular approaches

tel .: 224 969 490, 224 969 491

Center for Vascular Access

MUDr. Vladimíra Bednářová, CSc.
Head of the Cardionephrology Center
MUDr. Jan Malik, CSc.
Deputy Head
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