Non-Medical Health Care Professions Section

Trade unions and departments

Department of Nutritional Therapists

The Nutritional Therapists Department provides consultations at VFN clinics on nutritional care. It is dedicated to malnutrition patients, or to those who are at risk of malnutrition, or who require individual nutritional care. In the catering operation they process all the data for the preparation and dispatch of food, including the creation of all the meal plans. They regularly carry out dietary counseling.

Health and social department

VFN Health and Social Workers aim to help patients and their families remove or mitigate the social consequences of their illness. The purpose is to help hospitalized patients in an unfavorable social situation and not be able to handle this situation on their own, with the help of family or their loved ones to achieve self-fulfillment and maximum fulfillment of social integration opportunities.

The hospital chaplain

Voluntary Activities Center

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