I. internal clinic - hematology clinic

Information for patients

You need it on board:

  • health insurance company card
  • identity card,
  • your GP's name and address
  • results of your examinations and recommendations for admission,
  • a certificate of incapacity for work if you have been issued
  • personal items (pajamas, slippers, toiletries including toilet paper).

After admission to the hospital you will be allocated a bed and you will be informed about who your doctor is. Your doctor and nurse will tell you how to investigate, treat, and prepare for examinations or surgery.

Valuable things

We recommend taking only small amounts of money with you and not taking any valuables (large amounts of money, items from precious metals, deposit and checkbooks). Valuables can be stored in the main cash desk of the hospital in the headquarters building.


The patient may apply for a medical doctor's pass. Patients who leave the pass are checked out of their diet.

Diet regimen

The prescribed diet is part of the treatment, so please do not underestimate its importance. Be careful not to leave any food left in your room that relatives will bring to you, as this may endanger your health.


Use the medicines you have ordered as directed. You have the right to know what medicines you are taking.


You will store your own clothes, clothes and luggage (or they will be stored for you) at the designated place of the relevant ward. It is also possible to return everything to the accompanying person. When firing, hand over the laundry and the items that were lent to you.


Visits of relatives and acquaintances are permitted daily in hours designated by the appropriate clinic where you are hospitalized. Ask your relatives or acquaintances to take into account the other patients in the room, behave considerably and not sit in hospital beds. Upon hospital discharge, you will be informed of the next recommended treatment and will receive a written release report for the attending physician.

We would like to leave you as much freedom as possible, but if more people are together, especially in times of illness, you need:

  • to be considerate to each other and not to disturb others in the afternoon and night. In the evening, you should consider whether you do not interfere with other patients. The nurse is instructed to turn off the television and the loud-speaking radio at 22 hours. If you have your own TV or radio in your room, you must not disturb other patients (You can listen through the headphones).
  • Respect SMOKING PROHIBITION throughout the VFN area
  • do not use mobile phones in ambulances or other areas of the VFN where they may interfere with the operation of special medical devices.
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