Department of Occupational Medicine

Toxicological Information Center (TIS)

At acute poisoning call +420 224 919 293 or +420 224 915 402

You will get instructions on how to provide first aid and how to proceed.

Get ready:

  • accurate accident information
  • full name
  • personal identification number
  • health insurance company
  • health workers also ID (workplace identification number)

Physicians are asked to calculate in advance to facilitate and speed up consultation, if possible the amount of drug (s) the patient intoxicated. At the same time try to estimate or find out the body weight of the patient.

We recommend that all households, especially those where small children grow up equipped with at least one pack of active (black) coal (Carbosorb or Carbotox). It is best to keep one child's pack in stock for each child in the family. In many cases, administration of several activated charcoal tablets by a layman will prevent the development of symptoms of poisoning, or at least alleviate the course of poisoning. TIS will decide when active carbon is to be administered, or when its administration is undesirable.

Since 1963 we have been providing information on first aid and acute poisoning treatments.

We are a member of the European Association of Toxicology Centers and Clinical Toxicologists EAPCCT.

For more information, visit the TIS website.

Fast contact:   Acute Poisoning: +420 224 919 293 or +420 224 915 402   E-mail:

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