Department of Sports Medicine

Information for patients

Price list of sports-medical performances
Preventive examination of the basic athlete children under 18 years 700 CZK
adults 800 CZK
Preventive Athlete Inspection Extended (including spiroergometry in justified cases)   CZK 1,500
Special test for Diving reflex divers   300 CZK
Special tour for FAS motor sports under 40 years of age 900 CZK
over 40 years of age CZK 1,200
Comprehensive preventive examination at your own request   CZK 3,500
Anthropometric examination, determination of somatotype   CZK 400
Evaluation of the quantity and quality of the diet   CZK 3,000
Health certificate   100 CZK
Extract from the basic medical documentation   100 CZK
Extract from medical documentation detailed   300 CZK
Examination to assess the ability to study
(FTVS, Police Academy of the Czech Republic and study of physical education at other faculties)
  800 CZK

Our services are partially covered by health insurance companies, the above price list is after taking into account the contribution of health insurance companies. Prices include VAT. (Updated to April 1, 2022)

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