16. 9. 2019

Open Day of the Ministry of Health

On September 28, 2019 a guided tour of the historic building of the Ministry of Health will take place. The tour also includes a health area where visitors can be examined by experts from the General Teaching Hospital and other hospitals.

The Open Doors program will include roughly one-hour group tours of the historic building of the Ministry of Health with an explanation that will take place approximately every twenty minutes. Visitors can see, for example, the office of the Minister and his deputies, the original ministerial apartment, a large meeting room or an anti-nuclear bunker from the 1970s. The tours will be accompanied by short presentations on the agenda of the Ministry and its directly managed organizations. The public will also learn about the activities of the State Institute for Drug Control, the State Institute of Health and the Institute of Health Information and Statistics. The medical zone will be provided, among others, by experts from the General University Hospital, Na Bulovce Hospital, Královské Vinohrady University Hospital and Motol University Hospital. Entry is free for the public without the need for prior registration.

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