5. 1. 2023

An artificial sphincter can solve male incontinence

Implantation of an artificial sphincter is still the most effective treatment for persistent incontinence in men after removal of the prostate for malignancy. Patients indicated for sphincter implantation most often lose more than 350 ml of urine per day, but they can also lose a liter and a half, which represents a major social and hygienic problem for humans. After the procedure, patients are either completely continent again or they still have a small leakage of urine during physical work, but they can return to normal life, play sports and live socially. Without exaggeration, many literally regain their vigor in life and will live it well for many more years.

"We perform the procedure under general anesthesia on the urological table in the supine position. It is similar to the gynecological position. We start with an incision on the perineum, put a compression cuff on the urethra and continue with an incision in the lower abdomen. We then place an active balloon or reservoir in the abdominal cavity, which functions as a pressure regulator. We place the sphincter controlling the pump inside the scrotum, usually behind the left testicle. The supply tube from the cuff, which is placed on the urethra, is finally extended into the lower abdomen, where we connect the tubes of all components, creating a silicone sphincter." explained the course of the procedure, the deputy director for medical care of the VFN and urologist MUDr. Ivan Pavlík, MBA, MHA, who learned to apply an artificial urethral sphincter thirty years ago in Minneapolis, Innsbruck, Vienna and Istanbul. Subsequently, he was part of the team that was the first to perform the procedure in the Czech Republic.


For more information, see press release.

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