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Spartan blood

Spartan Blood 2020

Dear donors and blood donors

this year in November will take place for the fourteenth time Spartan blood, whose motto this year is When else, if not now!

Despite strict security measures related to the current epidemiological situation, HC Sparta Prague has not given up the idea of Spartan blood and will thus support voluntary donations again.

All donors who sign up with the slogan "Spartan Blood" will receive special gift package.

Every Thursday in November The players of the Sparta A-team will also take part in the blood donation on Charles Square and a small snack will be prepared for you.

Throughout November, Spartan blood will run on both of our workplaces:

  • on the premises of the General University Hospital, U Nemocnice 499/2, Prague 2,
  • in Zbraslav, K Interně 640, Prague 5.

For safety and speed up the whole process it is necessary to order blood donation by phone first, it is possible every weekday after 13:00 on the phones:

  • 224 963 112 - Dec. sampling at the workplace in the premises of the General Hospital in Prague 2,
  • 225 374 230 - Dec. consumption at the Zbraslav workplace.

You can find more information directly at project page or Facebook page HC Sparta Prague.

Thank you for helping!

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