Clinic of Phoniatrics

Information for patients

The phoniatric clinic includes in the program of medical and therapeutic care:

Children: Care for children with speech disorders based on neurodevelopmental disorders: with delayed speech development (speech development disorders - dysphasia, speech dyspraxia, dysarthria), with speech fluency disorders (stuttering, hoarseness). Furthermore, children with cleft palate defects, screening for hearing and speech disorders in high-risk premature infants, hearing prosthetics (hearing aids).

Form of care: rehabilitation 4-week stays of children in the inpatient department or in the day hospital, outpatient care is provided by ENT doctors, phoniatricians and clinical speech therapists. Depending on the age, stays of the children themselves or the child accompanied by the mother are possible in the inpatient department.

Adults: care for patients with dysphonias, after laryngeal surgery, care for voice professionals (art school students, actors, singers ...), care for patients with CI (cochlear implants), with hearing impairments (choice of hearing aids). Furthermore, care for adult patients with acquired neurogenic communication disorders - aphasia, dysarthria, speech dyspraxia and cognitive-communication deficits. Other indications for care are also disorders of speech fluency - stuttering or hoarseness (balbucies, tumultus sermonis).

The clinic also includes group therapeutic activities in the comprehensive medical care program, in programs for children also in the form of therapeutic groups of adult patients with speech communication disorders.

We provide services to patients from all over the Czech Republic, recommendations from another workplace are not necessary.

Due to the sudden death of Dr. Ing. Vokřála is undergoing technical care and adjustment of speech processors of cochlear implants in this period at the Department of ENT and Head and Neck Surgery, 1st Medical Faculty, Charles University, University Hospital in Motol, where care is provided by Ing. Oklusky and Ing. Bauer.

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