Internal department of Strahov

Information for patients

If you are scheduled to arrive, please arrive at the Internal Medicine Department of Strahov at the agreed time. Upon admission to the ward, you will be allocated a bed and you will be informed who your doctor is. The doctor and nurse will introduce you to the procedure of investigation and treatment.

Take with you:

  • acceptance recommendations and results of your examinations
  • identity card,
  • documents for your health insurance,
  • currently used drugs,
  • pajamas / nightgown, bathrobe
  • toiletries (towel, toothbrush)
  • Home shoes (comfortable, without heels, non-slip)
  • mobile phone + charger, notebook (optional)
  • metal coins if you use a vending machine.

Rules for visits

  • Visiting hours are daily until 20:00.
  • Please check with your doctor or nurse at the appropriate department for a different time of visit.
  • We ask visitors to respect the health and condition of hospitalized patients and to adjust their behavior and length of visit.
  • Children under 10 years of age are allowed to enter the inpatient wards only after prior consultation and with the consent of the attending physician.


A nutritional therapist prepares a diet and, if necessary, a special diet according to your doctor's instructions. Diet is an important factor in the treatment of your disease, so we advise you to follow it.

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