Institute of Medical Biochemistry and Laboratory Diagnostics

Downloadable laboratory applications

Central hematology laboratories

  Central hematology laboratory

  Hematology - Coagulation Laboratory

  Hematology - FACS Laboratory

Thrombotic Center

  Immunochemical Laboratory

  Platelet function testing laboratory

  Molecular genetic laboratory

Central Research Laboratories

  Laboratory for Research of Liver Disease and Heme Metabolism (Hepatological Laboratory)

  A Laboratory for Comprehensive Research on New Biomarkers

  Laboratory of Gastroenterology

Center of tumor cytogenomics
Laboratory of oncogenetics
Clinical biochemistry and serology

  Central laboratory

  Central laboratory - statim

  Apolinářská laboratory

  Teaching polyclinic - laboratory

  Serological Laboratory

  Laboratory of Endocrinology and Metabolism

Clinical immunology and allergology
Clinical microbiology and ATB center

  Clinical Microbiology - Laboratory of bacteriology

  Clinical Microbiology - Laboratory of Mycobacteriology

  Clinical Microbiology - Laboratory of Mycology

  Clinical Microbiology - Parasitology laboratory

  Clinical Microbiology - Sterility Laboratory

Laboratory for diagnosis of septic conditions

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