Daily sanatorium Horní Palata

Workplace characteristics

Horní Palata Day Sanatorium is one of the oldest psychotherapeutic centers in the Czech Republic (founded in 1969 by Prof. Knobloch). It focuses on the treatment of anxiety-depressive disorders, stress responses and psychosomatics.

The main focus of our facility is a 7-week psychotherapeutic care center and an early evening group. Our program can help patients experiencing dissatisfaction with themselves, lack of job satisfaction, excessive self-criticism, lack of confidence, unsatisfactory relationships, or coping with difficult life events.

Psychotherapeutic, psychiatric and clinic-psychological workplace. It offers comprehensive psychotherapeutic care within a day care center and diagnostic and therapeutic care within psychiatric and psychological outpatient clinics.

U Nesypky 28, 150 00 Prague 5
+420 257 322 366 (switchboard)
+420 257 312 287
MUDr. Hynek Forman
Head of Department
Jana Šimková Bc. Gabriela Přepechalová, DiS.
Head Nurse
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