Daily sanatorium Horní Palata

Afternoon psychotherapeutic groups

Groups are semi-open - it is possible to be admitted to treatment after a previous meeting with a doctor and group lead therapist during the year.

Please order by phone at the secretariat number, tel .: +420 257 322 366, Mrs. Johana Voldřichová.

Thursday evening group
  • Thursday 15.00 - 16.30
  • Two-year therapeutic group
  • It started in August 2020. Currently fully occupied. It is possible to subscribe to the "waiting list".
  • The program is led by Mgr. Jakub Kuchař, jakub.kuchar@vfn.cz
Evening group
  • Monday 18.00 - 19.30
  • Two-year therapeutic group
  • It began in January 2021. It is currently fully occupied.
  • The program is led by Mgr. Tomáš Puškárik, tomas.puskarik@vfn.cz
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