Daily sanatorium Horní Palata

Day Care Center

Ordering to the day care center
  • On the telephone number of the day hospital (257 322 366 | 257 329 264 | 257 325 118 | palata@vfn.cz) to sign up for an interview.
  • Before being included in the day care center program, each patient undergoes several initial interviews (psychiatric examination, psychological examination), on the basis of which the day care manager and the patient will jointly consider the suitability for the type of treatment.
  • The admission physician decides on the inclusion in a specific date of the welfare institution in cooperation with the head of the welfare centers. The current occupancy of our facility also plays an important role.
In the treatment we focus on:
  • anxiety and depressive disorders,
  • mental and emotional disorders,
  • stress response,
  • neurotic and psychosomatic disorders,
  • personality disorders,
  • difficulties and problems in relation to yourself and others,
  • dissatisfaction with oneself,
  • lack of satisfaction in working life,
  • excessive self-criticism,
  • low self-esteem or lack of self-confidence,
  • unsatisfactory relationships,
  • partnership and family issues,
  • coping with life transitions,
  • mourning the losses.

The psychotherapeutic program runs throughout the year on working days from 8.00 to 15.00. Two 8-10-member closed groups run in parallel. The program lasts 7 weeks and is fully funded by health insurance companies.

The Day Care Center includes
  • daily group psychotherapy,
  • daily community meetings
  • relaxation exercises,
  • art therapy, nonverbal techniques, dramatherapy, ergotherapy.
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