Clinic of addictology

Information for patients

From December 30, 2019, the Detoxification Unit mode Departments of Addictology of General Teaching Hospital turns into non-smoking. For patients hospitalized in this unit, fully reimbursed nicotine treatment / patches, chewing gums / and therapeutic support focused on educational-motivational activities are prepared.

Information to be received on the detoxification unit

What is needed:

  • a valid identity document (ID card, passport) and an insured person's card (possibly a replacement document, birth certificate is not accepted)
  • in case of taking medication before admission it is necessary to have medication with you for the anticipated period of stay.
  • patients with methadone substitution programs must have a report on the current dose of methadone
  • bring a record of the last check in an outpatient specialist for somatic disease or a discharge report from the last hospitalization
  • basic toiletries, home clothes, slippers
  • newly there is a possibility to have a mobile phone and an electronic book reader with a charger

What not to wear:

  • valuables, credit cards
  • cash, max. 1000, - CZK, can be stored in the vault of the department
  • electronics outside mobile phone and book reader

What is forbidden to introduce on a detoxification unit:

  • addictive substances incl. cigarettes and smoking accessories
  • weapons, ammunition
  • food, drinks

You can order on tel. +420 725 736 177 in working days between 13 – 14 throw.
It is necessary to confirm your arrival by phone or sms on the day before arrival. +420 725 736 177 between 13 – 14 throw.
Ordered patients must arrive at the clinic's reception office at the latest at 9.30 throw.

Information for the future patient - Inpatient Department - MEN (LOM)

LOM provides medium-term institutional treatment of at least 13 weeks for all who have problems with alcohol use, possibly with other addictive substances, gambling or a combination of these options.

Before the start of the inpatient treatment it is necessary to have an indication interview, which is to be booked by phone at 224 968 234 from Monday to Thursday from 10:00 to 11:00 and Monday to Thursday from 13:00 to 14 : 00 h

Patients are usually admitted through the Detoxification Department of the Clinic of Addictology, the length of stay is determined by the physician, the patient is subsequently fluently transferred to the Inpatient Department of the Department of Addictology.

What you need to arrange before boarding:

  • mail forwarding to: Apolinářská 447/4, 128 00 Praha 2
  • Sufficient amount of money and financial affairs (6 weeks after the start of the stay is only in the department)
  • matters at the authorities: evidence of employment, material need, proof of health insurance, OP…
  • necessary treatments: eg dentist, specialist physician-diabetologist, cardiologist etc.
  • a medical report of your health if you are being treated for any more serious illness or are taking long-term medication

It is possible to issue a confirmation of temporary incapacity for work - PN.
If you are reported to the Labor Office, please notify us of your scheduled arrival date prior to arrival.

Constitutional treatment on LOMis a combination of treatment regimen and psychotherapeutic. The basic prerequisite for successful engagement in treatment is voluntary and motivating to make changes leading to permanent abstinence. Psychotherapeutic treatment is guided by the principles of community and group psychotherapy. The treatment regimen is based on compliance with the rules you will be familiar with in the first days of treatment and leading to some limitations that you should know before taking treatment.

Basic rules:

  • do not use or add any addictive substances to the clinic except for nicotine cigarettes (smoking is regulated in the treatment guidelines)
  • any aggressive behavior is inadmissible
  • using your mobile phone according to the rules of the department
  • visits are possible after 3 weeks of treatment, only Sat 10: 00-16: 30 and Sun 13: 00-16: 30
  • first walk from Fri 17:00 to Sun 17:00 at Week 6 (Until then, it is not possible to handle personal matters outside the clinic)

Please inform your loved ones about the following:

  • telephone information health status is possible only on the basis of a pre-arranged password
  • it is not possible to bring personal belongings to family departments, food, cigarettes, etc., after the patient's request has been processed, it is possible to bring the necessary things at the time of the visit
  • postal services are not limited throughout hospitalization, even in parcels

Necessary equipment: ID card, health insurance card

Underwear, workwear and footwear, sportswear and footwear, walking clothing and footwear, sweatpants, nightwear, basic toiletries including shaving (non-alcoholic). Cutlery, dishcloth, mug. Alcohol-free cosmetics. Ordinated medicines that you regularly take for the entire stay. Lined A4 notebook with soft logbooks, stationery. Stamps, envelopes, tickets for public transport, mattress as an important aid for programs, cash for cultural events and personal needs at your own discretion.

It is not possible to use loose tobacco and loose tea at the department. 

It is forbidden to bring weapons and ammunition, addictive substances except nicotine cigarettes.

We recommend not to bring more money and valuables.

The possibility of informative meeting of family members about treatment can be made every third Saturday of the month from 16:45 to 17:30 after previous telephone arrangement by phone 224 968 234.

Information for future patients - In-patient ward - WOMEN

What we offer?

We offer voluntary institutional treatment for women with a duration of usually 17 weeks. The treatment program is designed to expose patients to situations that they could not manage in the past, help them understand their failures, and train more adaptive behaviors. It includes psychotherapy, occupational therapy, therapeutic exercise, relaxation techniques, lectures and professional literature. The basis of psychotherapy is community and group psychotherapy, supplemented by individual psychotherapy and work with diary, in indicated cases of pharmacotherapy.

Who is the treatment for?

Women over the age of 18 with addiction to any addictive substance (alcohol, addictive drugs, illegal drugs), possibly combined with other psychiatric disorders (eating disorders, affective and anxiety disorders) who are interested in being treated.

How to order?

  • The most advantageous form of ordering is to come in person (possibly accompanied by a loved one) on any Thursday at 4 pm for an information interview (Apolinářská 4, in the right pass; wait in the ground floor waiting room for personnel). It is not necessary to order in advance.
  • If you are considering treatment, you can also take part in a after-care group, led by a senior physician and our department supervisor, who meet every Thursday from 16.15 to 17.30 in the classroom on the ground floor of our department.
  • For those who are unable to attend the interview or after-treatment group, it is possible to order treatment by phone - Mgr. Anna Vondrová, 224 968 223/201 or via e-mail

Where can I get more information?


  • +420 224 968 201 - sister
  • +420 224 968 223 - addictologist, social worker
  • +420 224 968 206 - Head Physician

AT Counseling Center - Counseling on Addictions

Department of Addictology, Apolinářská 4, 128 00 Praha 2, tel. +420 224 968 220

Advisory Group for those who do not want to register yet, but are interested in consulting, ev. about your problem-eating substance use talk. 1st Wednesday of the month from 4:30 pm (provided by Mgr. Lucie Klimešová). Please wait in the waiting room for the therapist to come.

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