Radiodiagnostic Clinic

Magnetic Resonance Department

At the Department of Magnetic Resonance (MR), Radiodiagnostic Clinics, two MR instruments are in operation, enabling full-body imaging. Achieva, Philips (1.5T) was installed in 2009, by the end of 2015 Skyra's second MR, Siemens (3T), was launched. The department has all-day operation. The workplace employs 5 radiological assistants, 5 general practitioners and physicians performing specific types of imaging.

The MR Department, together with the Computed Tomography Department (CT), forms a neuroradiological unit within the Radiodiagnostic Clinic located in the Neurological Clinic building at Kateřinská Street No. 30. In addition to neuroradiology, which is still the main focus, examinations are carried out from practically all areas of medicine suitable for the given modality. It is an examination of the musculoskeletal apparatus (knee joint, hip joint, ankle joint, small arms and leg joints, shoulder joint, elbow joint and temporomandibular articulation), MR mammary gland, MR pelvis, MR liver, MR pancreas, MR kidney biliary tract, MR vessels, MR heart, multiparametric MR prostate and prenatal MR fetal imaging. These examinations are carried out within the framework of indication of VFN doctors and outpatient specialists outside the teaching hospital and doctors from other hospitals. Some examinations are highly specialized, they are linked to unique clinical centers of VFN, where patients from all over the country are examined.

Placement address:
  • Neurological Clinic of VFN (ground floor)
    Kateřinská 30
    128 08 Prague 2
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