Radiodiagnostic Clinic

Magnetic Resonance Department

The Department of Magnetic Resonance (MRI) of the Radiodiagnostic Clinic has three MR devices in operation (2 x 3T, 1 x 1.5T) enabling examinations in the range of all clinical indications for magnetic resonance imaging, including whole-body examinations. We provide all-day operation.

MR workplace of the RDG clinic at the Neurological Clinic of the General Hospital
Kateřinská 30, Prague 2
Phone: +420 224 96 5468 (9560)

MR workplace of the RDG clinic in the Central campus of the General Hospital (pavilion A8, 2nd floor)
U Nemocnice 499/2, Prague 2
Tel .: +420 224 96 2899

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