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MR Information for Physicians

Information for the indicating physician
The indicating physician is required to deliver a duly completed order form bearing the stamp and signature of the physician to the MRI department. Delivery of the request is possible either by the internal post office of the VFN or delivered by the patient or his representative during the opening hours of the MR secretariat, ie. from 8 am to 3 pm on working days. To speed up the ordering, you can send a request scanned on both sides to e-mail magnetic resonance imaging and the original request form delivered to magnetic resonance imaging by the above methods.
In the case of patients examined outpatiently it is necessary to indicate the patient's correspondence address and any telephone contact. A magnetic resonance imaging invitation will be sent to the patient at the address given, along with the patient's instruction on pre-examination preparation and the informed consent the patient will read before the examination.
In the case of patients examined at the time of hospitalization, it is necessary to indicate the line of the inpatient department to the request form, where the date of the examination will be communicated and the preliminary hospitalization period.

Notice: it is not possible to order or reserve the term magnetic resonance by phone, the date of examination is allocated exclusively to patients on the basis of a written request. The time of the examination, which varies according to the indication, is determined from the physician's request, the MR device to which the patient will be placed is determined.

Examination of restless patients or patients with claustrophobia
Patients who are unable to rest for about 25 minutes or suffer from claustrophobia may be examined for analgosedation or general anesthesia. These examinations are carried out in the presence of an anesthetist every Tuesday morning. The requirement for analgosedation or anesthesia should be marked on the application form. The indicating physician is obliged to ensure pre-operative examination and its results delivered to the MR at the latest on the day and hour of ordering the patient for the examination and to ensure that the patient is lying down after examination at the inpatient department.
Upon request for an anesthesiologist's examination, it is necessary to arrange this examination in person or by telephone with the MR Secretariat on line 5 468 on working days between 8 am and 3 pm. The fact that the patient will be examined under the supervision of an anesthesiologist should be registered.
Under general anesthesia, it is not possible to perform some MR examinations because of the impossibility of patient cooperation, non-standard examination position or patient preparation for examination. Investigations that cannot be performed under general anesthesia: MR breast, MR heart, MR organs of the abdominal cavity including MR enterography.
Examination of infectious patient
If you are asking for an infectious patient, you should indicate the type of infection, such as “MRSA”, on the request form. In accordance with PP – VFN – 018, the date and time of the MR examination will be determined, probably in the evening.
Image documentation
All image documentation is in electronic form and is managed by the PACS VFN. Patient images from a specific exam can be sent free of charge to another site connected to the ePACS system. Requests to submit images can be requested from the MR Secretariat (line 9 570) or MR Examination Centers (line 5 461, 5 136).
Image documentation can be burned to the patient's CD. Providing a copy of the image documentation in this way is subject to a fee according to the current VFN pricelist.
Medical report
The description of the examination is sent in printed form to the address of the relevant indicating physician indicated on the stamp on the request, within the indications of the General Hospital there is a description in the hospital information system. Due to the impossibility of verifying identity, the result of the examination cannot be communicated by telephone to the requesting doctor, the examinee or his family.
Routinely examined magnetic resonance areas
Brain: (orbits, pituitary gland, most fetal node, MR angiography of intracranial arteries, MR angiography of venous brain)
Neck: Soft neck tissue, MR carotid
Spine: C + Th spine or Th + LS spine, sacroiliac articulation
Belly and retroperitoneum: MR examination of liver, spleen, pancreas, kidney and adrenal gland, MR cholangiopancreatography (MRCP), MR enterography
Pelvis: MR of pelvis and pelvic floor, examination of uterus, prostate, penis examination
MR heart
MR breast
Joint MR: one knee joint, both hip joints, one ankle joint, temporomandibular joint, one shoulder joint.
If other than above mentioned examinations are required, it is necessary to arrange this examination by phone / personal with radiologist.
Ordering statim exams
Statim examinations can be arranged with the service of the acting radiologist on line 5 461 or on the emergency mobile phone: +420 727 984 276. The fact that it is a statim examination is decided by the service of the acting radiologist. In the case of recognition of the request for a statim examination, the indicating physician is obliged to duly fill in the request for magnetic resonance imaging and deliver it together with the patient for the examination at the agreed date and time.
Attention: a statimum indicating a physician is negotiating with a radiologist who is serving, it is not enough to send a request form.
Ordering a patient with an MR compatible pacemaker or defibrillator
To be able to examine a patient with an MR compatible pacemaker or defibrillator, the following conditions must be met:
Jící The indicating physician must confirm in writing the MR compatibility of the pacemaker or defibrillator, including implanted electrodes (F-RADIO-28 form) and switch to MR compatible mode. Confirmation must not be older than 24 hours.
Acient The patient must be switched to MR Compatible Mode prior to the pacemaker examination (provided by the indicating physician in conjunction with the department where the pacemaker / defibrillator has been implanted).
⦁ VFN cardiologist must be present during the examination.
⦁ The pacemaker / defibrillator documentation must be provided at the MR Department to indicate MR admissible parameters: magnetic induction (1.5T / 3T), possible isocentric exclusion, maximum SAR, maximum examination duration, etc., to prevent possible damage to the pacemaker / defibrillator.
Pacienta The patient's position must always lie on his back and head towards the magnet. For this reason, some examinations with MR compatible pacemakers / defibrillators cannot be performed. These are examinations that are performed on the abdomen (for example, breast examinations) or the patient is positioned with a magnet (for example, MRA pelvis and lower limbs).
If you need to order a patient with an MR compatible pacemaker or defibrillator, please refer to this request for line 9 570.
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