Clinic of Urology

Professional ambulance

Urology Outpatient Clinic provides urological care for both ordered patients (adults and children) as well as for patients requiring urgent care, consultation for VFN:

  • diagnosis and treatment of urological diseases of the kidneys, urinary and genital tract,
  • diagnosis and treatment of urooncological diseases
  • diagnosis of prostate cancer and urination disorders
  • treatment of urinary tract inflammation
  • treatment and prevention of kidney stones,
  • andrology,
  • diagnosis and treatment of urological diseases in pediatric patients.

Types of examinations and procedures performed: endoscopic procedures (cystoscopy), minor surgical procedures, ultrasound, urodynamic examination.

Urological outpatient clinic
Pediatric urology clinic
Ambulance in the Institutional Emergency Service
Urological Outpatient Clinic for Adult Patients at FP
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