Nuclear Medicine Institute

Therapy Information

Any medical exposure must be indicated so that the Atomic Act condition is met, ie the benefit to the patient must be greater than the risk from exposure to the examination. If this condition is not met, we are obliged to refuse the examination!


Therapeutic applications of open emitters are performed on ONM I Institute of Nuclear Medicine. 

Only open-source treatment with open sources is available:

  • Palliative therapy of bone metastases using 223Radia (Xofigo), respectively. Samaria - it is necessary to arrange treatment with the head of ÚNM
  • Lymphoma Therapy with 90Y-ibritumomab (Zevalin) - treatment should be agreed with the head of the NNM
  • Ambulatory therapy of benign thyroid diseases using radioiodine 131I - Please fill in radioiodine ambulatory thyroid formsif the treatment is appropriate, we will contact the patient.
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