Nuclear Medicine Institute

Patient guidelines

While waiting for examination (about an hour)

  • You are monitored by a camera system in the cabin all the time and you can talk to the operator using the communication system.
  • After applying the FDG radiopharmaceutical, take a comfortable position, without tightening your muscles. Prepare a cup, a bottle of water, read…
  • It is very important for the quality of the examination to keep you in the stall.
  • Use a blanket to cover, it is important that you do not feel cold and shivering.
  • Also, cold, tremor or discomfort greatly affects the quality of the examination.
  • If you want to go to the toilet, open the door with the green button behind your head, always close the cabin door with the green button when you return from the toilet. Take a comfortable position with no muscle tension.

On our invitation just before the examination

  • Again, you have to go to the toilet - the bladder must be empty before examination.
  • Remove all metal objects, including watches, earrings, hairpins, metal removable bridges, ear removals, piercings, etc.
  • Also clothing with zippers, sequins, metal ornaments, belt, etc.
  • Trousers or skirts, also pieces of clothing with metal staples, fasteners, hooks, and underwires must be taken off before examination. T-shirt, shirt, sweater without metal particles, also panties or shorts, socks…
  • Please also take off your shoes.
  • Sit back and be ready to ask for an examination.
  • Meanwhile, as you wait, we finish scanning the previous patient and carefully prepare all things for your examination. for quality examination results!


  • The examination will be done by opening the cab, putting you on the examination table of the device, adjusting to the position for scanning and preparing for the start of the examination.
  • We will tell you further instructions just before the examination.
  • Please make sure your breathing during the examination is calm and, if possible, superficial, avoiding unnecessary motion blur.
  • Restricting all movements (including deep breaths) during the examination is very important
  • The examination takes about 30-60 minutes and during this time you will be able to communicate with the operator via the microphone and if necessary you will be monitored by the camera system from the front and back of the device.
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