III. internal clinic - clinic of endocrinology and metabolism

Obesity Center - XXL

Obesity Center of the 3rd Internal Clinic of the General Hospital in Prague is the largest obesity center in the Czech Republic. It provides care both in the outpatient mode and in hospitalizations with the so-called LCD and VLCD regimes. An integral part is the close cooperation with the department of bariatric surgery of the 1st Surgical Clinic of the General Hospital in Prague. Thanks to cooperation with other workplaces - OB Clinic, ÚVN Prague, patients are indicated for all available bariatric procedures according to the suitability of the type of bariatric procedure. BARI clubs are regularly organized for patients before and after baritric procedures.

The Obesity Center works closely with the patient organization www.pacimed.cz.

Within the obesitology center, it is possible to complete internships within the pre-certification preparation of diabetology and endocrinology, resp. internal medicine. The Obesity Center also provides superconsulting services for other centers in the Czech Republic.

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