Psychiatric Clinic

Workplace characteristics

NOTICE: It will be for personnel and operational reasons in November and December 2023 restricted operation of some sections of the Psychiatric Clinic:

Gerontopsychiatry - inpatient department 4.

  • from 11/13/2023 bed closure
  • short-term stays only for acute conditions, after individual agreement with the head physician
  • doc. MD Martina Zvěřová, Ph.D., phone: 224 965 317,

Child and adolescent detoxification inpatient ward.

  • from 24/11/2023 reduction of bed capacity
  • short-term detoxification stays only for acute conditions, after individual assessment

Center for eating disorders - inpatient ward 3.

  • from 24/11/2023 closure of the inpatient department
  • planned hospitalizations suspended
  • for ordering

Neurostimulation Center

  • From November 20, 2023 until further notice, electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) procedures will not be performed in outpatient mode
  • in case of indication for ECT during hospitalization, contact the doctor

The VFN Psychiatric Clinic is an accredited workplace in the field of psychiatry and is also part of a comprehensive care and postgraduate education system in psychiatry. It provides comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic care for patients with mental disorders in an acute state at standard inpatient wards and superconfessional care for patients difficult to diagnose, pharmacoresistant or otherwise complicated. The workplace uses the latest treatment methods, such as repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation of the brain.

The clinic has 120 beds in 5 different types of wards. Other forms of care take place at 3 different day care centers and in outpatient outpatient care.

The Psychiatric Clinic also includes specialized centers: Center for Diagnosis and Treatment of Alzheimer's Dementia, Center for Adolescent and Developmental Psychiatry, Center for Diagnosis and Treatment of Eating Disorders, Center for Clinical Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics, Center for Prophylaxis of Affective Disorders and since 2022 also Crisis care center.

Contact information

Martin Anders, M.D., Ph.D.
Head of Clinic
telefon+420 224 965 344
MUDr. Eva Kitzlerová, Ph.D.
Head of Clinic
telefon+420 224 965 340
Bc. Zuzana Fišarová
Head Nurse
telefon+420 224 965 339
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