Psychiatric Clinic

Medical social worker

Health and social workers at the Psychiatric Clinic primarily provide specialized, individualized care to hospitalized patients and support in the social field when returning to the home environment. They also provide consultations in the field of social work to family members and relatives of patients.

Contact e-mail:


M.Sc. Renáta Kosová, contact: 607 029 621

  • Department 6. – Acute income and activation department men, activities
  • Department 4. – Gerontopsychiatry, activities

M.Sc. Aneta Kutheilová, contact: 607 030 668

  • Department 1. – Acute income department – women, activities
  • Department 3. – Center for Eating Disorders, activities

Dominika Mrázová, DiS., contact: 607 030 354


Bed wards - activities of a health and social worker
  • Virtual multidisciplinary team with CDZ and Fokus, ESET and Bona field teams
  • Communication with the ÚP, issuing a certificate of temporary incapacity of the job seeker
  • Communication with PSSZ - Temporary incapacity for work (DPN)
  • Telephone communication with employers – verification of duration of employment, scope of employment, identification of registration numbers (for foreigners) due to issuance of DPN
  • Communication with insurance companies - the validity of health insurance is verified, the correctness of the numbers of the insured, consultations regarding the type of insurance
  • Cooperation with OSPOD – submission of requests for social investigations in the family, cooperation in the framework of the protection of newborn patients, connecting patients to other support organizations for mothers with children
  • Communication with the CSSA – submission of requests for extension of the support period in case of temporary incapacity for work
  • Communication with shelters, homes for victims of domestic violence, humanitarian hostels/hotels - arranging accommodation, ascertaining available capacities, filling out applications for admission, arranging a possible personal meeting of a social worker from the residential service with the patient
  • Telephone and personal communication with family members of patients
  • Consultancy in the area of housing, finances, aftercare, material hardship benefits and state social support benefits
  • Education in the field of health insurance and benefits resulting from it
  • Issuing contacts for accommodation and asylum facilities
  • Communication with courts - finding out information about court proceedings, excusing patients from court proceedings
  • Filing a motion to limit eligibility and determine a patient's guardian
  • Making requests for medical reports
  • Cooperation with municipal authorities in the framework of the social investigation
  • After agreement with the doctor, submitting a report on the driver's medical fitness
  • Cooperation with branches of the Czech Post Office - applications for the payment of disability pensions, mobility allowance and other benefits
  • Issuing a certificate of hospitalization
  • Insurance for foreigners, communication with the VFN special payments department
  • Communication with the embassy to ensure the possible repatriation of the patient to the homeland, cooperation in communication with foreign insurance companies, with the patient's family members, etc.
  • Cooperation with the foreign police/PČR in the identification of the patient
  • Communication with guardians of patients, requests for guardianship documents, court orders
  • Ordering patients to follow-up care beds

Department 3 – beyond standard activities
  • Management of the waiting list at the PPP department
  • Telephone and personal communication with those interested in treatment
  • Telephone communication with family members of patients
  • Telephone communication with educational institutions
  • Communication with outpatient doctors and general practitioners

Department 4 – beyond standard activities
  • Ordering patients to follow-up care beds
  • Communication with family members regarding patient placement in residential facilities
  • Providing contacts for aftercare facilities
  • Providing care services
  • Providing advice on home care
  • Support in the field of informal carers
  • Communication with Czech Post - forwarding of pensions

Children and adolescents detoxification department - beyond standard activities
  • Telephone communication with the family, personal consultation also possible by arrangement
  • Providing counseling to interested parties, family, workers from other facilities
  • E-mail communication (, possibly ordering patients
  • Cooperation with curators (by phone or personal meeting, as agreed)
  • Communication with diagnostic institutions, educational institutions, possibly OSPOD
  • Negotiating/informing about the patient's discharge plan with legal representatives or an authorized employee of the facility (DÚ, VÚ)
  • Help with the search and implementation of other devices adapted to the needs of the patient
  • Communication with the labor office, issuing a certificate of temporary incapacity of the job seeker
  • Issuance of hospitalization certificate for school or employer
  • Cooperation with OSPOD - submission of requests for social investigation in the family
  • Making requests for medical reports
  • Sending messages from hospitalization based on the request received
  • Cooperation with PČR
  • Cooperation with all institutions in the field of drug addiction therapy in cooperation with an addictologist
  • Help arrange contact with social workers and probation officers
  • Providing contacts for aftercare facilities
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