Psychiatric Clinic

Educational and Therapeutic Center in GUH Prague

Specialized center - Day center for adolescents

The main goal of the VFN Educational Therapy Center project in Prague, which takes place at the Psychiatric Clinic, is to support and develop multidisciplinary care for mentally ill children and adolescents, to improve the quality of care and education of the multidisciplinary team, parents and other caregivers.

As part of the project, we offer you a set of educational materials in the form of brochures and information leaflets regarding eight diagnostic areas in the field of mental health. These materials are intended both for parents and caregivers of children and adolescents and for the professional public and provide up-to-date, comprehensible recommendations regarding the treatment and prevention of mental illnesses.

Other outputs of the project include the Proceedings of the conference "Multidisciplinary care for mentally ill children and adolescents", which took place in Prague on October 19-20, 2023.


Project registration number: ZD-ZDOVA1-017

The project was financed from the EEA/Norway Funds 2014-2021 within the Health programme

All materials are for preview only.

Copying and further dissemination of published materials is possible only with the consent of the VFN Prague Psychiatric Clinic.



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