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Information for applicants

It is not possible to report on the results of the autopsy and the cause of death by telephone. By phone, you can only tell if the deceased on the USLT has been dissected, the name and contact of the dissecting doctor.

Performing an autopsy

The examining physician decides to perform the autopsy on registration in the documentation of the deceased. Judicial autopsy is ordered by a body active in criminal proceedings according to valid legal regulations. If there is no medical indication to perform an autopsy, the autopsy may not be performed. This task is decided by the head of ÚSLT.

News for Survivors (Close)

According to the law, persons close to the deceased have the right to inspect, make extracts or copies of medical records. According to §116 of the Civil Code, a close person is understood to be relatives in the direct line, siblings, husband and registered partner of a particular individual. Other family or similar persons (grandparents, uncle, aunt, brother-in-law, cousin, cousin, kind, mate) are considered to be close to each other if the other person would reasonably consider the harm they suffered to themselves. The applicant must prove that he / she is close (ID card, affidavit indicating his / her contact details and ID card, copy of marriage certificate, copy of birth certificate)

Answers to written requests for information sent directly to ÚSLT with credible proof that the applicant is a close person are sent directly to the applicant. If there is any doubt about the credibility of the proof that the applicant is a close person, the request will be passed to the Legislative Department. Answers to written requests for information sent through the Legislative Legal Department of the General Teaching Hospital in Prague are sent back to the applicant through the Legislative Legal Department. Information on the results of autopsies to close relatives shall not be submitted if the autopsy was performed according to § 115 of the Criminal Code. If the case is not finally closed, the conclusions are not communicated.

Written reports

The applicant must submit a written request demonstrating that the person is close or legal representative of the deceased. The application may be addressed to ÚSLT directly or through the legal department of the VFN. An application for a copy of medical records, including proof of relationship to the deceased, is based on an autopsy report. The extract or copy of the medical record shall be taken within 30 days of receipt of the request of the patient or other authorized person.

1. Provision copy of complete diagnosis stating the cause of death, the underlying disease, complications and a secondary finding (point 1 of the report). Applicant pays 400, - CZK according to the pricelist of the General Teaching Hospital in Prague on non-paid health services.

2. Provision copies of complete medical records. Complete medical documentation means the autopsy protocol (external, internal, auxiliary laboratory examinations), complete diagnosis (point 1 of the report) and all paperwork (Death certificate, Medical report on the examination of the deceased, Clinical report on autopsy of adults or children and possibly other paper documents for autopsy). The applicant pays for the above services 600, - CZK according to the pricelist of the General Teaching Hospital in Prague on non-paid health services.


  • by postal order, in cash at the VFN box office or the ÚSLT secretariat

Report to the attending physician

  • If the attending physician is interested in the autopsy result, it is sent to a written request.

Death certificate, death certificate

  • These documents are not exhibited at ÚSLT.
  • The death certificate is exposed to the catchment matrix and passed to the survivors approximately 2-3 weeks after the death.

Valuables, clothing - deceased persons outside the VFN

Valuables, including precious metal dental prostheses found in the dead, are recorded by the examining physician in the accompanying documentation of the deceased. When receiving the body at ÚSLT, they are recorded in the Wardrobe of the deceased and then stored in a lockable box. They are given to the funeral service during the funeral.

Clothing for the deceased in a coffin can be given to a funeral service that arranges the funeral. The garment in which the deceased was brought to autopsy is given to the funeral service together with the body. In the event of biological contamination of the garment, the dissection doctor will decide on its disposal.

Exposure of the body

It is not possible to expose the body to the premises of ÚSLT. Unless otherwise specified by the dissecting doctor, post-necropsy exposure to the body is in the funeral service's capacity and funeral.

Ordering a funeral

Choosing a funeral service is entirely at the discretion of the bereaved. ÚSLT employees are not entitled to intervene in the selection in any way. To order a funeral, a funeral home must be presented with a personal identity card (birth certificate) of the deceased and an identity card of the person who provides the funeral. The next funeral service informs the bereaved where the funeral was arranged. Information for survivors of VFN.

Laboratory examination

At the Institute of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology, blood alcohol levels are determined for living persons for the needs of the Czech Police and other bodies.

Price list

  • Prices are charged according to the Price List of Services not covered by health insurance in accordance with VFN legislation.
  • Blood / urine testing for alcohol: 650 Kč.


  • By postal order, cash at VFN box office or Institute secretariat.
  • The result will only be issued to the applicant after proof of payment has been provided.
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