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New methods in the aftercare of children with perinatal stress in CKP KDDL VFN

Code: NF-CZ11-OV-1-009-2015
Status: Finished

New methods in the aftercare of children with perinatal stress in CKP KDDL VFN

Project start date: 14. 1. 2015
Project completion date: 30. 4. 2016
Project Budget: CZK 6,340,718
VFN co-financing: CZK 1,194,892
Project guarantor (workplace): Department of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine
Project Registration Number: NF-CZ11-OV-1-009-2015

Project brief:

The aim of the project is to develop multidisciplinary care provided to children with perinatal stress after release from specialized perinatal centers in the following four areas: psychology - psychiatry, auxology, pneumology and rehabilitation.

In the implementation phase of the project, 50 initially prematurely premature babies aged 0 - 8 will be examined in individual professional areas of the project, resulting in a comprehensive examination of functions related to perinatal exercise and design of therapy, regimen and other measures.

Comprehensive examinations will allow for deviations in development so that therapeutic measures minimize their pathological manifestations and the consequent impact on development and thus lifelong health. The purpose of the project is to minimize risks and ensure optimal development of a child with perinatal stress.

The project will contribute to the prevention of the consequences of the disease by increasing the quality of diagnostic and therapeutic care for premature children not only in the VFN Complex Care Center, but also throughout the Czech Republic.

Up-to-date information on project implementation status:

Supported by a grant from Norway

The project is not implemented in partnership with the donor state.

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New methods in newborn at risk at Center of complex care for children with perinatal burdeon in General University Hospital

Project Start Date: 14. 1. 2015
Date of Project Implementation Completion: 30. 4. 2016
Budget: 6 340 718 CZK
GUH Co-financing: 1 194 892 CZK
Project investigator: Clinic of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine
Project Registration No: NF-CZ11-OV-1-009-2015

A brief synopsis of the project:

The main task of this project is to develop multidisciplinary care of ex-preterm children and children with perinatal burden after their discharge from the neonatal intensive care unit. The specialized network of individual specialties will cover the following domains: psychology, psychiatry, pneumology and physiotherapy.

During the implementation of this project 50 children will be investigated between the first month of life and eight years. The newly developed tests, methods, techniques and the most recent technology and medical equipment will be used by experienced medical staff to view the risk factors and reduce the morbidity of this extremely vulnerable group of patients.

The results of this project will serve as a foundation for developing new diagnostic and therapeutic guidelines applicable in other units (centers) in the Czech Republic.

Recent information on the project:

Supported by Norway

Project is not implemented in partnership with donor states.

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