Department of Pediatrics and Inherited Metabolic Disorders

Outpatient Department

Ambulances The Departments of Pediatrics and Inherited Metabolic Disorders of the General Hospital and the First Medical Faculty of Charles University have more than 40,000 outpatient contacts per year. They provide a 24-hour counseling service for patients from catchment areas and a first aid medical service for children and adolescents from Prague 1, 2 and 4. The operation is provided by a general and reception outpatient clinic, pediatric ultrasonography workplace and 17 specialist outpatient clinics, many of which treat patients from all over the country. .

In addition to KPDPM, the DAK complex (Karlov Children's Complex) houses a number of outpatient workplaces - the pediatric gynecology, neurology, psychology and genetics clinics. Dislocated laboratories of hematology, clinical biochemistry, the workplace of radiodiagnostics and the microbiological department of the General University Hospital in Prague work with an antibiotic center. The DAK also houses the VFN institutional pharmacy.
Notice: there is no ambulance of children 's chirugia in the DAK area or in the whole General Teaching Hospital.

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